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PC ECG in a cable,USB with pcs connect; USB

Home use fetaldoppler with LCD ..

Digital ECG 12 Lead display & record

DIGITAL Color Ultrasdound SVc

Oximeter with PI and trend view

Meditech Equipment Co.,Ltd (Meditech Group) is a professional high-tech medical equipment manufacturer  for Patient monitor, Pulse Oximeter, Electrocardiograph, Ultrasound Scanner, Fetal Doppler, Fetal Monitor ,Visual Stethoscope, Pulse Oximeter probe  ,Certified by ISO13485 (NO: Q1N 10 12 61623 004) and CE (NO:G1 10 12 61623 006).

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  Oxyi   S8i         SpirOx
    Pulse Oximeter  LED display,nice look ,v lite and competitive price     Digital, portable  Color Doppler ultrasound system,TDI cardiac analysis,4D option     spirometer ,TFT Display ,Builtin Battery, Bluetooth Measure FVC, PEF, FEV1 etc

SonoTech™ M

  EKG-1212T   SVc

Fetal Doppler home& Clinic use. with thermometer probe. Run on 2 AA battery

    12 Channel ECG machine& large screen, Touch &Color screen .1000 exam Rec     Full Digital Color ultrasound Scanner ,2 USB port, 2G saving card , 3D.4D
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We are pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the leading Medical Equipment manufacturers  with the state of art tool room manned and managed by expert personnel and ISO 13485, CE certified              Meditech Equipment Co., Ltd                    Meditech Group

very small size & light weight 350g ultrasound scanner
Probe: Multi-frequency mechanical sector probe
Frequency: 2.5/3.5/5.0MHz
Depth: Max 160mm
Scan Angle: 78 degree
Gray Shade: 256 gray levels
Storage up to 128 frames

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Sell our products with you brand  
Providing "private label" or "generic label" versions of Meditech standard products .
Products printings such as stickers and user manual.
providing the products in parts, and help you to  assemble it in your country .
Manufacturing products based on customer's design.

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ECG Machine Patient Monitor Ultrasound scanner Finger Oximeter Fetal Doppler Fetal monitor      
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8 inch patient monitor 3.5 inch color TFT-LCD , 6 selectable displays
TOUCH screen Finger pulse oximeter , hard case. TFT display, SpO2 and pulse monitoring, Li  battery, Large memory with touch keyboard.
Tel:+86 532 85832673 
Fax:+86 532 85832155
ISO 13485  Q1N 10 12 61623 004
CE 0123      G1 10 12 61623 006
Meditech Touch Screen Products
Meditech come with new developed High touch resolution and sensitivity medical equipment touch screen.
 OxyT plus
 MD Touch
 More products with touch function : 

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