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EKG / ECG Machine

EKG - 1212

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Simultaneous acquisition of 12-lead ECG data, IEC Class I, type CF safety standard

Display of twelve ECG waveforms, operation menu and parameter setting via large LCD(5.7',320x240 dots for ECG-1212 or 10.4£§Color TFT 640x480 dots for ECG-1212s)

Multi-recording modes selectable  

Function of ECG parameters measurement and interpretation, distinguishing point printing under automatic mode

Menu language can be preset  per requested (default language is English)

High resolution 210mm/216mm thermal printer

Storage of 128 patients¡¯ data in memory for recalling , copying , printing ,etc)

Built-in interpretive software for four age categories accordingly 

Function of heart rate detection and protection against possible pulse shock while pacemaker applied

AC and DC power supply, rechargeable built-in battery, at least 2 hours¡¯ working time

Real time clock, heart rate examination and display of ECG waveforms

Option  : USB&LAN Port , built-in SD/CF Card